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In this episode we have the baffling results of the scientific study of psi phenomena to get our head around. Broadly speaking psi can be broken down into four categories: telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, and mind-matter interaction. The mere mention of these words immediately conjures images of magicians, charlatans and soothsayers duping a susceptible public; so combine that with the fact that nothing of these experiments and results have ever been properly covered in the scientific press, except by sceptics to dismiss them as physically impossible, as they would defy our current conception of the laws of physics: and the consequence is that scientifically educated people like us may have had absolutely no idea that there was more than 100 years of serious scientific peer-reviewed study on these effects from credible institutions like Princeton University and Stanford Research Institute, with debate and disagreement like any other field of science. Still, you can understand why professional scientists that are interested do this research out of the public eye, and the difficulty of other main stream scientists opening up to the results; as not only would it mean opening up to an alternative understanding of the laws of physics and mind, but also to be accused of believing pseudo-science.

So I ask listeners that you sit through this presentation of the evidence patiently and just stay open to the possibility, as let’s face it the testimonial evidence for these anomalies is overwhelming. So who better to speak to about this baffling data, than one of the world’s leading psi researchers for over 30 years, psychologist Dean Radin.


Dean got his degree in Engineering with Physics at the University of Massachusetts, and his PHD in psychology from the University of Illinois. He’s the head scientist at The Institute of Noetic Sciences and has worked in R&D for AT&T and GTE, as well as holding positions at Princeton University and SRI international.


He has written many books on these topics for those who want delve deeper but the ones we’ll concentrate on today are ‘The Conscious Universe’, ‘Entangled Minds’ and ‘Real Magic’.


00:00 Intro

07:35 4 types of PSI experiments: Telepathy, mind-matter interaction, Precognition and Clairvoyance

10:30 Typical scientific response: delusion, illusion, mental illness, ignorance of the scientifically possible, and often that’s true

11:30 The Ganzfeld telepathy experiments: 5000 experiments with a 25% chance, result shift to 30% (6 sigma - a billion to one chance)

16:50 Results for a random person VS those who have a history of these experiences: 40-70% result shift (over %25 chance)

18:00 Brain activity telepathy response experiments, using MRI and EEG

20:00 The psi ‘missing’ effect from doubting sceptic participants - a less than chance effect

21:00 The ‘feeling of being stared at’ experiments, tracking the autonomic nervous system

23:00 These phenomena may be bubbling up from the unconscious, so best to avoid conscious reporting methods and focus on physiological and nervous system methods

25:20 Precognition experiments tracking the emotions signalled by the nervous system

29:30 Time symmetry: The ‘pre-sponse’ time mirrors the time response from the stimulus to the physical response

32:14 Mind-matter interaction: quantum random number generator experiments (4.5 Sigma result)

38:20 Evidence for change in physical states, biological states, water structure, and another persons health, state and even attention

39:15 Better results for subgroup of experienced meditators, because less mind-wandering is important

40:20 Dean’s ‘non-local connection/ observer effect’ theory for how psi works

44:80 Evidence for quantum coherence in the brain (See episode on ‘Quantum Biology’)

47:45 All particles have been in contact at some point if the Big Bang is true

49:40 Quantum logic is pointing in the right direction but probably not complete

51:45 Robert Jahn, Princeton University Dean of Engineering, founder of PEAR Labs

56:30 A shift in openness to psi

59:30 The Stargate remote viewing program at SRI: Dean’s role

01:05:30 Screening military personnel for talent: brain personality, physiological and genetic tests

01:07:00 Sceptic Ray Hyman: the strongest evidence for psi comes from Dean Radin and Jessica Utts

01:10:00 Ed May outed the program on the TV, which caused embarrassment to the CIA

01:12:20 Edgar Mitchell’s mystical experience in space

01:15:00 What’s being studied at IONS, that Edgar Mitchell founded following his mystical experience

01:15:40 IONS tries to stay 30 years ahead of everyone else in terms of cutting edge research

01:17:00 The physics of mind-matter interaction in double slit, wave/particle duality experiments

01:20:00 The quantum Zeno effect

01:21:30 Eugene Wigner’s ‘consciousness is collapsing the wave function’ claim

01:24:40 Retro-causation in quantum experiments - observers influencing the past

01:27:30 Where and when is consciousness?

01:31:00 Materialism is based upon effective assumptions, that may not cover all phenomena

01:35:00 Journals with editorial prejudice and psi research friendly publications

01:41:00 Despite similarities between non-causal quantum informational theories, QM can’t explain psi in it’s current form, but it may point to a future explanation




Dean Radin, 'The Conscious Universe'

Dean Radin, 'Entangled minds'

All Dean's papers and recommeded research are on his website

Telepathy Gansfeld meta analysis of 29 studies (1992-2008)

Precognition experiments meta analysis of 90 studies (-2011)

Mind matter experiments meta analysis of 216 studies (1959-2000)

Princeton Engineering and Anomalies Research (PEAR) Lab (1979-2007)

Stargate Remote viewing program 1974-1996 Documentary ‘Third Eye Spies’

Joe McMoneagle : remote viewer No.1

IONS The Institute for Noetic Sciences

Journal of Scientific Exploration, part of Society of scientific Exploration - for the study of anomalies

The Journal of Parapsychology, founded by J.B.Rhine at Duke University

The Journal of the Society of Psychical Research, since 1882

Article with evidence for quantum entanglement in the brain and the paper on it

Kauffman and Radin paper ‘Quantum aspects of the brain-mind relationship’

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