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This is the curious persons guide to all things mind.

It’s quantum reality meeting psychology, neuroscience and philosophy.

Have you ever wondered how it is that your thoughts and feelings relate to the brain in your head? How time and space came to be out of nothing? How what life means to us influences our day-to-day struggles with mental health?

In conversation with experts in physics, psychology, neuroscience and philosophy, we'll take you to the very fringes of reality and unpack the groundbreaking discoveries that are dramatically changing the way we relate to the world, the future and our own minds.


This popular science show seeks to update our world view, learning how to navigate new information that often hasn’t yet been assimilated into the consensus. Fortunately there is a plethora of relevant scientific studies on consciousness, entanglement, panpsychism, psychedelic research, new psychological models and neuroscience breakthroughs, and we’ll be examining the credibility of as many of these areas as we can.

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Freddy has been performing professionally for over 25 years now, spanning a full range of traditional theatre, TV series, cinema, physical theatre, Voice Over and improvisation. The last few years have been particularly exciting with parts in TV series on The Disney Channel and Sky TV, and in many feature films including scenes with Eva Longoria, Lars Mikkelsen and Aiden Turner.

Following a life long dream to do some radio, freddy set up his first podcast Badger Radio in 2010; and realised he’d found the perfect medium to explore his curiosity as a science and philosophy enthusiast. Feel free to get in touch on the contact sheet or join him and other listeners in the facebook group with any constructive feedback, respectful debate, guest suggestions or relevant ideas.

You can follow all of freddy's work on instagram @freddydrabble and on his website He now lives in Central Italy with his wife and two children.



Tarka Sands Studio for the graphic design,

Iain MacArtuhur for the illustration,

Orlando at Pixelphonics for the soundtrack,

Santiago at Immersive for the animation, and

Ant Waring for the webdesign.

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