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Today we have the extraordinary topic of the science and physics of Out of Body Experiences to get our head around! Many brain scientists have reduced this common experience to a mix of physiological and brain chemical effects, maintaining that no perceiving consciousness actually leaves the body, rather it is a form of hallucination and distortion of body schema. Not knowing when these experiences will spontaneously occur has made them hard to study in the lab.


However, certain researchers have developed a method for inducing the experience, allowing for deeper study. Following that study some new theories of reality have developed that could include such an experience and even others like Near Death Experience or NDE, and Controlled Remote Viewing which we’re evaluating in this second series.


One such scientist is our guest today physicist Dr. Tom Campbell! He’s an experimental physicist who’s worked for over 20 years developing US missile systems for the Department of Defence, specialising in developing cutting edge technology, large-system simulation, technology development and integration, and complex system vulnerability and risk analysis.

He began researching altered states of consciousness with Bob Monroe at Monroe Laboratories in the early 1970s. He helped design experiments and develop the Binaural Beats technology for creating specific altered states, and became an experienced test subject and trainer too. After many years studying consciousness, and out of body experiences he wrote the book ‘My Big TOE’, as in ‘Theory of Everything’, which describes his model of existence and reality from both the physical and metaphysical points of view.


PART 1: Testing Out of Body Experiences


00:00 Intro

06:00 Balanced left right brain thinking

07:00 Deriving from first principles VS plug and chug

09:00 Out of Body Experience is a bad term, but neutral

13:00 Consciousness is not projected from the body

14:45 Intellectual VS intuitive attitudes

18:00 Consciousness is fundamental

20:00 Reality is information based

21:30 Testing Bob Monroe’s OBE phenomena

32:00 The experiment that confirmed it was real

36:00 Alpha Numeric information is not the same type as image, pattern or metaphor

46:00 The wierdest stories Tom’s encountered

55:00 Non-embodied consciousnesses encounters

56:00 ‘Out of body is a single player virtual reality game… created to learn’

59:00 Tom’s childhood experience with non-physical beings teaching him OB travel

01:05:00 Binaural beats to aid getting out of body explained

01:08:00 Brain wave entrainment

01:14:00 Issues with Binaural solution giving intense experiences

01:20:00 Theta brainwave is the state you need to be in to explore your consciousness


PART 2: The physics of Tom’s ‘My Big T.O.E’ (Theory of Everything)


01:25:00 Consciousness evolves by lowering entropy, finding more order and structure

01:29:00 Splitting to create patterns of meaning and structure

01:30:00 Time is like an evolutionary technology

01:32:00 Separating into other free-willed consciousnesses to interact with and collaborate with

01:37:00 Individuated consciousnesses are subsets of a larger unit of consciousness

01:39:00 Cooperation and collaboration lower disorder

01:41:00 Virtual reality created so choices of entities have actual consequences

01:44:00 The rule set must have been tweaked many times to evolve a universe fine tuned for life

01:46:00 Avatars have consequences for their decisions, lowering entropy faster

01:50:00 The server has to be non-physical from the avatar’s point of view

01:54:30 Testing the simulation hypothesis via the observer problem of quantum physics

02:00:00 There are 3 possible sources of information we have about reality

02:11:00 We cannot get behind consciousness to the source of the information

02:13:00 Virtual realities within virtual realities, aren’t efficient they’re fragile

02:14:00 Why Tom doesn’t write about the many virtual realities he’s visited

02:17:00 Tom’s response to some of the biggest problems in physics (action at a distance, maximum speed, chaos theory, quantum mechanics


My big TOE book series

-Monroe Institute

-MBT events (workshops and binaural beats)

‘On testing the simulation’ scientific paper

-You tube channel MBT science

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