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In this episode we have the extraordinary phenomenon of Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) to get our heads around. Thanks to declassification of US government documents and several freedom of information act requests, enough official paperwork and declassified avccounts about the top secret Stargate remote-viewing program has been gathered to give credibility to a book 'Phenomena' by Pulitzer Prize finalist and military journalist Annie Jacobson, and a documentary film about this controversial psychic phenomena. The film ‘Third Eye Spies’ follows laser physicist Russel Targ, who along with Hal Puthoff, was employed by the Defence Intelligence Agency to do some tests on allegedly ‘psychic’ test subjects at the Stanford Research Institute in the early 1970’s. This was at the height of the Cold War, when intelligence was coming out of Russia that the military were doing psychic research successfully. To cut a long story short, the experiments were successful and the program went top secret shortly after the scientists published their first results. A protocol for ‘viewing’ distant times and places in the minds eye was developed by their first talented subject, Ingo Swann. The program ran for over 20 years costing over 5 million dollars of military funding, which is actually very little for military projects. The technique was used for intelligence work for the CIA, DIA, NSA, the army, and the navy including assisting the finding of lost aircraft and profiling of Russian bases, before being declassified in the mid 1990’s after a CIA report determined the technique wasn’t accurate enough, despite getting some good, statistically significant results.


After it was declassified, the instructors went over to the private sector and began teaching the technique to members of the general public. Two such instructors were Lyn Buchanan and Mel Riley, who met my guest today Lori Williams; and became her mentors. In 2001 Lori became the first non-military certified instructor. Her experience includes not only teaching the technique but working with law enforcement to assist in missing person cases, conducting professional sessions for corporations that have had a direct effect on profit margins, and working on archeological mysteries.


She is also the author of two books about the subject Boundless: Your How to Guide to Practical Remote Viewing, and Monitoring: A Guide for Remote Viewing and Professional Intuitive Teams for anyone who wants to learn more before doing an actual course with an instructor.


What we discuss:

00:00 Intro

07:20 Controlled Remote Viewing explained

11:20 Being ‘blind’ to the target

14:00 No need to be in a theta or meditative state

17:00 Many different types of impression, often different senses

19:00 Similar to a memory of the experience

22:00 Move in space, time or relation: Movement commands

24:00 Structure helps the viewer, emotions can shut down a sessions

26:00 Different types of projects over 30 years plus

29:00 Viewing the future: some things in the future seem to be set

30:00 Time loops and retro-causality

31:50 Temporal attractors, the power of attention

32:00 Anyone can do remote viewing

36:00 We should all develop this as another useful sense

38:00 Left and right hemisphere skills need to be balanced

41:00 There’s more proof of Remote Viewing than the FDA has that aspirin works, Russel Targ

43:00 Remote Viewing changed her world view to be multi-dimensional

44:30 Modern science is bearing out things she remote viewed a long time ago

45:00 Remote viewing technical information in detail without any prior knowledge

51:00 Viewing future alien technology

52:00 Viewing Sasquatch for Coast to Coast radio

55:15 Love is not a feeling, it’s a constant underlying all things

59:30 Reality is malleable

01:02:00 The sceptics denial, despite acknowledging statistical significance

01:07:00 ’At the basis of every vehement denier is fear’

01:14:30 Fear of demonic possession and extra-dimensional viewings

01:25:30 Remote viewing structures on Mars and other dimensions

01:32:40 Triangulation using various viewers


Lori’s Book. Boundless: Your How to Guide to Practical Remote Viewing

Free introductory remote viewing course from Lori’s school

US govt ‘Stargate’ remote viewing program 1978-1995

Annie Jacobson ‘Phenomena’

Watch ‘3rd Eye Spies’ documentary

Blog article: The difference between OBE/astral projection and remote viewing

1995 CIA Report that led to the cancelation of the US govt Stargate program. Based on reports from Jessica Utts and Ray Hyman

Blog article: How to talk to devout christians about CRV

Georg Hegel quote, ‘The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history’

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