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Privacy Policy:

Cookie definition:

Cookies are a form of technology usually consisting of small pieces of text that can be used to store on or access a user’s computer, mobile device, or other electronic devices. Cookies may be used for a number of purposes, such as remembering the choices or preferences of a user on a website, supporting user login, or analyzing traffic to a website. Cookies may also be used for targeted online advertising, to show you content in the form of advertisements based on your behaviour on a website such as viewing a certain product or viewing certain pages on that website.

Other technologies, including data stored on web browsers or devices, identifiers associated with a device, and other software, may also be used for similar purposes.

Purposes of Facebook Pixel cookie statement:

We may use marketing cookies such as a Facebook Pixel to track your behaviour on our site such as which pages you visit, which products you view and your purchase activity. These cookies may also collect personal information that you enter on our site such as your email address, name, location that can be used to personally identify you.

Instances where you may provide personal information may be when you checkout and enter your name and billing address, or sign up for a mailing list and enter your email address.

We use this cookie data for analytical purposes, to improve our site performance and to show you targeted advertisements around the web and on social media based on your behaviour on our site as well as the personal information you provide.

If you wish to opt out of these marketing cookies or find more information, please visit:

How we share this information:

Data collected from marketing cookies may be shared with third parties such as advertising agencies or the advertising platform themselves, for example Facebook & Google.

This data is shared for the purpose of advertising to you on those platforms and the creation of relevant advertisements based on your website behaviour. 

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